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Tianjin Kang, Homestead Chemical Co., Ltd. f-construction plan

Tianjin Kang, Homestead Chemical Co., Ltd is specialized in the production and sale of paint Coatings Company, our main produce all kinds of guarantees f-f-c specification and construction professionals so explaining the various elements of. Our company advocates for the quality of the basic principles which enables customers to purchase safely. Main products: architectural coatings, paints, coatings, heavy duty floor coating, industrial coatings, paints, synthetic resin, etc.
F-c is made up of fluorocarbon resins, paints, additives etc., is by far the most comprehensive coating performance. Because of the resin is indicated by a key in the organic molecules can the highest c-F keys so that f-coating has much excellent special normal coating performance. Terms: weatherproof, salt tolerance, washes ability, not adhesion, and so on. The technical indicators are at or above the normal coating. Hence there is the King of f- of paint. F-c is widely used in underground oil tank, ground road, ship, steel structure, bridges, power plants, steel plant, a transmission tower, chemical mechanical workshop, port and concrete. Corrosion resistant coatings protect iron and steel, non-ferrous metal and concrete prevents corrosion of metallic oxide and concrete powder.
First, the f-performance characteristics: (1) performance and excellent corrosion protection have benefited from excellent chemical inertness paint film acid and alkali, salt, and so on chemical substances and a variety of chemical solvents, provide a protective barrier products. The tough film: high hardness, impact resistance, resistance to buckling and wear resistance. Shows very good physical mechanical properties.
(2), maintenance-free, self-cleaning have very low Fluorocarbon coated surface energy, dust can be reached through the rain-clean, excellent maximum hydrophobic (water absorption rate of less than 5%) and the consciousness of oil, the smallest friction coefficient (0.15-0.17), will not scaling, antipollution sticking.
(3), strong adhesion of in copper, stainless steel and other metal, polyester, polyurethane, such as plastics, vinyl chloride, composite materials such as cement surfaces have good adhesion, basic display out of Yi attached to any material characteristics. High decorative a 60 degree gloss meter, can achieve high-gloss over 80%.
(4), extra long-weathering layer contains a lot of f-c to determine its Super stability, not flour, colorfast, service life for as long as 20 years, with more than any other sort of paint more excellent performance. Very well in the construction of two-Pack packaging, storage life long, construction and convenience.

the f-technical performance:


that painting


the relative humidity is less than

1. syrupy f-coating must run out

iltering for later use.

road number: 1-2.


to avoid exceeding acti

It is recommended

80% of non-f-c features:

3. can, 120 200 f

f-usage considerations

leak-proof, sunscreen, h

within 5 hours,

e: 0-35 c,

vation period set aside.

the f-should be kept in dry, waterproof,

the construction of temperature

igh temperature and distant.



1. a comparison with traditional paint coatings, with better light fastness, weather; 2. Unlike traditional aluminum exterior wall-mount operations more simple than, refurbishment of easy, not subject to the limitations of building shapes can designers imaginatively; 3. cost is much lower than for expanded, but also achieve the same effect; 4. weight will not give wall brought about a heavy burden, there is no risk of aluminum-fall. Specialized in the production, environmental protection, strong, direct marketing, technical support manufacturers. Can the need for color.

4. f-product purpose: the f-series can be widely applied to bridges, oil tanker, the roof, wall, railing, plastics, building materials, train, aircraft, ships, automobiles, the road sign Billboard, freeway guard-rails, the decoration of the large steel structures and protection.
5. f-matching Primer: steel surface: inorganic zinc rich or polyurethane, epoxy primer, intermediate coat.
Plastic or glass fiber reinforced plastic: surface treatment can be used directly.
Cement or ceramic tile surface: Putty disposal (grinding, epoxy or polyurethane sealing the wall of primer, intermediate coat can be used after.
6. f-construction requirements and storage: (1) shall, before it will paint surface dirt, oil, such as processing a clean corrosion, to ensure that the quality of brushing. Construction is strictly forbidden to bring into the water.
(2): paint proportion to: component (basic staple), b component (Consolidator) = 1 (drums): 1 (drums).
(3): construction method and that is: the proportion of big mouth open, components will b component, joining a of the component fully. Improvement of 30 minutes, painting can be carried out.
(4): this material available with expect long after storage, the proportion of paint shall be six hour exhausted. Not with all the materials to be sealed.
(5): construction of fine weather should be selected so as to avoid rain and snow in the wind-blown sand, weather construction.5 painting optimum temperature of 30 c. In the endless rain or snow, fog, 75% of the net, you should cease.
(6): construction, such as paint quality too densely populated, the construction of special thinner adjustment available.
(7): f-the product should be stored in a cool dry place, prevent the direct rays of sunlight, cut off from all sources of heat, away from heat source.
(8): storage life of six months, you should verify that upon the expiry of the various technical indicators, such as compliance requirements, you can continue to work.

(9): this guide could be used as a guide for construction. For construction (not book a problem that occurs in construction), our factory is only responsible for the quality of the paint itself.

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