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Tianjin Kang, Homestead Chemical Co., Ltd. epoxy primer construction plan

   Tianjin Kang, Homestead Chemical Co., Ltd is specialized in the production and sale of paint coatings company, our main produce all kinds of epoxy primer, provides a variety of epoxy primer for usage instructions and construction professionals so explain epoxy primer for a variety of factors. Our company advocates for the quality of the basic principles which enables customers to purchase safely epoxy primer. Main products: architectural coatings, paints, coatings, heavy duty floor coating, industrial coatings, paints, synthetic resin, etc. 
1: the epoxy primer is made up of epoxy resin, organic solvents, additives, such as composition a zinc powder, curing agent constituent, two components, and the piles of supply.
2. Characteristics: the epoxy primer corrosion resistance and adhesion, mechanical properties, conductive and catholic protection can be used as workshop primer and does not affect welding performance, this product can also be used as a rust-inhibiting primer.
3. purpose: the epoxy primer is mainly used for bridges, ships, offshore oil drilling platform, harbor equipment and all surfaces after sanding.
Epoxy primer detailed properties:
1. Composition: epoxy resin, zinc powder, solvents and diamond composed of a two-component primer
  2. Characteristics: excellent corrosion resistance and adhesion, in zinc powder paint films, excellent water resistance.
  3. purpose: as a companion to the heavy duty coated Primer for ships, port facilities, bridges, steel structure, oil drilling platform and chemical equipment, etc.
  Technical requirements: HG/T3668-2000
  The color and appearance of project metrics, hue, grey paint film formation viscosity, s (coated-4 cup) = 20 drying time table, h, < =; dry: 1: 24 impact strength, inventive, 50 kg Al-cm = brine flexibility mm 1, 72h reference through five, construction

   1, surface must be non-oxidation, rust, oil pollution, etc.
2, the surface temperature above the dew point 3 ° c above, when the surface temperature is below 5 ° c, the film is not cured, it is not appropriate.
3, after the two-component, you must open mix, and then press the mixing ratio requirements will be poured into a of component b, fully uniformly in aside, aging, combined with just the right amount after 30min diluents, through construction of viscosity.
4, paint within the 6 h after you complete the course.
5, brush, air spraying, rolling coating.
6, painting must continue stirring, so as not to precipitate.
7, painting every:
The surface temperature of 15 ° c in 5-10-20-25-30 shortest interval h maximum 48 24-12 intervals not exceeding 7 days.
8, recommended film thickness: 60-80um.
6. Transportation and storage
1, product in transport, should prevent the rain, collision avoidance in solar exposure, and should be consistent with the relevant provisions of the transport sector.
2, product should be stored in a cool place to prevent the direct rays of sunlight, and cut off from all sources of heat, away from heat source coffers.
7. security protection

Construction site should have good means of ventilation, painter should wear glasses, gloves, masks, and so as to avoid skin contact and inhalation paint mist. Construction site is strictly forbidden.

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