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Tianjin Kang, Homestead Chemical Co., Ltd. epoxy silicone heat resistant paint scheme

Tianjin Kang, Homestead Chemical Co., Ltd is specialized in the production and sale of paint coatings company, our main produce all kinds of heat-resistant paint, offers a wide variety of heat-resistant paint usage instructions and construction professionals so explain a variety of heat-resistant paint. Our company advocates for the quality of the basic principles which enables customers to purchase safely heat-resistant paint. Main products: architectural coatings, paints, coatings, heavy duty floor coating, industrial coatings, paints, synthetic resin, etc.

1. heat-resistant paint: heat-resistant paint is made of silicone epoxy resins, paints, solvents such as grinding soluble in organic solvents and join in heat-resistant additives, the preparation of a curing agent component to component
Second, heat-resistant paint characteristics: the water and heat-resistant paint, acid, chemical resistance, resistance is good, and iron and steel, cement, surface adhesion to room temperature dry, heat-resistant, with good heat insulation resistance, resistance to abrasion and physical performance.

Third, heat-resistant paint purpose: the heat-resistant coatings applied to the work of the following temperature on iron and steel, and parts of heat-resistant, corrosion protection coatings, protective.

4. the technical specifications of heat-resistant paint:
Project metrics

The color and appearance of the paint film coating film formation
Heat tolerance (5 h) slight loss of paint film light fastness

Adhesion, not higher than the level 2

Viscosity 50-80S
35kg/cm2 impact strength

heat-resistant paint reference:

Drying time (24h, inventive)
Distilled water resistance (24h) will remain unchanged for the film appearance

After heating 3h heat tolerance (measuring impact strength) 15 5,

1, was spraying steel surface must be enclosed in fine sandpaper sanded clean combines with toluene, degusting wiped completely covered with dirt, grease stain removing oil degusting, finally, sandblasting treated so that sprayed surface regions.

2, it must be a pro-rata prior to use, if a time usage, the number of how many distribution should be used to prevent excessive curing and waste.

3. If the paint spraying too viscous have to use a dedicated high-temperature paint thinner lean adjustment to desired consistency after construction, the film thickness usually between 20-30 micron.

Specifications: 25 kg/group

Quote: $ 65/kg


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