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Tianjin Kang, Homestead Chemical Co., Ltd. Paint construction plan

    Tianjin Kang, Homestead Chemical Co., Ltd is specialized in the production and sale of paint coatings company, our main produce all kinds of paint and paint specifications and construction so professionals to explain the functions of the various elements of paint. Our company advocates for the quality of the basic principles which enables customers to purchase safely paint. Main products: architectural coatings, paints, coatings, heavy duty floor coating, industrial coatings, paints, synthetic resin, etc.
Following our main introduce polyurethane topcoat paint ().
1: the paint is made up of modified polyurethane resins, organic solvents, and so on are configured to components of a constituent, curing agent.
2. Characteristics: flat seamless and wear-resistant pressure resistance, resistance to acid and alkali resistant, diverse, chemicals, color, easy to clean, durable and resistant to impact force.
3. Purpose: the GMP drug plants, hospitals, clean rooms; electronic factories, instrument of central control and food processing plant, cold storage room, cold rooms, etc.
4. The technical specifications of paint



standard look

smooth paint film

the impact strength 2, kg/cm 2


flat seamless and wear-resistant


dry watch stem ??h ?2


inventive level


Construction of reference:
1, the paint surface coating requirements must be dry, clean up the ground, without oil, anhydrous, without mechanical impurities.
2. The composition of the primer a pro-rata and composition of the second mix aside 10 minutes after the brushing. Dry brushing a pro-rata to mix of topcoat.
3, the paint spray, brush, rolling, if too large for the available private viscosity diluents lean against the US dollar to the required viscosity.

4, mixing paint after use, as soon as possible will cure is taking too long, the number of distribution of the number of the application so as to avoid wastage.
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