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Tianjin KSD Chemical Co., Ltd. Paint construction plan

    Tianjin Kang, Homestead chemical engineering construction company founded in 1990, the company is a member of Tianjin Kang, Homestead Chemical Co., Ltd is a professional engineering team, the company has a total of $ 50 million for the fixed asset, the country's most famous construction company, is a sophisticated and pay attention to product quality, ensure product quality is the basic operating principles, homestead. Quality also means that for our internal and external customers fully satisfy the needs of innovative products and services improve the quality of each Kang, homestead.

    Tianjin Kang, Homestead Chemical Co., Ltd. have one of the professional construction team--Homestead road construction companies, foreign orders device pipeline construction and corrosion-paints, building works antiseptic, floor paint fluorocarbon corrosion engineering, engineering, epoxy floor paint project, fire ground engineering, paints, flexible venues paint engineering, bridges corrosion protection engineering, marine corrosion engineering, MTR station crossed the road construction project, Contracting, fire safety works, floor paint engineering works, shop signs, Contracting swimming pool engineering, anti-fouling pipeline, ground floor, high acid-base high salt works, engineering, weather resistant floor painting solvent paint engineering chemical resistance, high and low temperature resistant floor paint engineering, architectural engineering corrosion prevention project cooperation and benzene elastic rust fire safety works, tunnel contract engineering, construction, chemical atmospheric floor construction contract, waterproof floor construction, fire safety works contract compound waterproof and top grade floor paints, epoxy resin atmospheric corrosion engineering, chemical engineering, fire-resistant construction, ultra-low temperature high special paint engineering, construction, weather resistant floor paint pipeline corrosion protection engineering, steel bridge corrosion engineering, paint and corrosion-slipping paints, confidence in the quality of material, stopped work package.

    The company owns China anticorrosion level qualification certificate and a team of experienced, well-trained team of painting. Relying on its own in the research, production, at each of the projects that are continually new products and new technology, has been removed from the extensive development of corrosion resistant coatings to excellent corrosion protection. Companies will be able to provide customers with corrosion protection scheme and supporting system; implementation of turnkey systems to avoid troubles customers choose varieties and their concerns on project quality, so that the engineering quality assurance construction process easier to control, supervision and management.

    Quality coatings must be reasonable to form the coating process quality coating to achieve well. As a result, the company has always the right products and excellent coating process by the provision of appropriate and sufficient to achieve the high ratio of corrosion protection.

    We based on corrosion protection industry frontier; focus on new product research and development, focusing on the promotion and maintenance of brand names. Always focus on chemical, petrochemical and machinery for coating, especially in the chemical industry (petrochemical) heavy-duty technology has its own unique key technology and extensive experience is the advantages of Kang, homestead in Paris.

    In the 21st century this is full of opportunities and challenges of the times, Tianjin Kang, Homestead construction company will adhere to the continuous improvement of production and way of life for people and promote social development responsibility to technological innovation and quality services for the wings along a variety of industry as the main roads that generate traffic for the community and partners to create value for the same period, the enhancement of the company's overall strength and competitiveness that updates a higher goal.

    I would like to take this opportunity, on the community and partners of trust and good faith, Kang enthusiastic, Homestead construction, forge ahead of our associates and diligent work, to express our deep appreciation!

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